Behind the smile

People don’t always show how they are feeling, we see them smiling and assume they are fine, i for one have mastered the art of hiding behind a smile, only those that really know me can tell when I’m having a bad day, you see I suffer with #anxiety and #depression, i had PND after both my little ones and both times it was different, i never even knew that the thoughts and feelings i had were Anxiety nor did i know there was such a thing until about 8 years ago and somewhere along the road depression had tagged along.

Today was a bad day! In fact if I’m being completely honest its been a few days! Its worse in the winter time, but whats different about today is it got to much, and when that happens my goto is food! i did my workout and it really did feel great and i ate good, until i fell and had nachos at dinnertime… And that’s OK!! It has to be otherwise I would continue in a downward spiral! We all fail at times but what matters the most is we get back up and carry on!! I need to get back up!!

So how does my lifestyle help me be happier if i still have days like today, heres just one example..
This time last year i didnt have the strength or energy to workout, i fell down alot more frequently and it only made me feel worse about myself, November to February are the worst! However this time ive worked out through November, December when i could.. the kids were poorly :(, and this year so far, I’m stronger, I’ve been through the worst year and I’m still moving forward. Its not easy! I’m not perfect and there is no miracle cures it takes change and hard work, without my lifestyle as it is now, #workout, #cleaneating, #superfoods shake I’m always going on about 😂 #personaldevelopment #essentialoils #meditation i dont want to even imagine how i would feel without the difference it all makes, I’ve been at the bottom felt the emptiness and the hopelessness, i fight everyday to stay away from that.

So tomorrow I will get up, have my shake, press play and be there for my family and if i fail again, I’ll get back up again!! ❤️


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