A Big Gain!

Happy Monday! We still have no WiFi! So it looks like I will be starting my workout program off from the beginning again as it’s been 2 weeks but it’s OK because life happens. It’s been great for the kids though especially little miss as she has her ipad as a comfort and has been using more of the learning apps rather than YouTube although YouTube is really good for learning too… In moderation.. and she’s also been playing outside alot! Thank goodness the weather is warming up!!

Little T had a big gain this week, we read books alot, he has been read too at bedtime since he was a baby, just like his sister has and they both love to sit and look at books, the other day we were looking at these books.. we look at different pictures of things to help them identify with what it is, so a photo of a cow, a drawing, a cartoon then we visit a farm, this helps us know that they know what a cow is and not just associate it with a certain book or toy, on this day I was asking which is the duck to encourage him to point to the right one, an exercise the speech therapist gave us…what I wasn’t expecting was for him to point to the D and say D then the U and say U and the C and K, then he said Duck (which we already know he can say) he then looked through the book and did the same for dog and cat. Since then we have been showing him different books and he is recognising most of the letters. This was something that I thought was long off, even though his words are coming he can’t have a convocation yet. we have an app we have been playing with that is called first words pro and we just started using the alphablocks a lot for the sounding of the letters, we started doing the letters of his name last year and now everything is coming together for him, there are still letters he struggles to say but with lots of practice I know he will get there! He has started this week on the biff, chip and kipper books and is enjoying them! We are so proud of every step our little warrior makes! 💙💜♥️💚🧡💛



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