Thowback to when I was not only unhappy with how I looked on the outside and how unhealthy I was but also unhappy with how I felt too!

Since then there has been big changes and this is a good reminder of how far i’ve come.. You can see the changes on the outside from these photos but what you can’t see is the changes on the inside.

Anxiety… although still there it’s no where near what it was like in the first pic.

Depression has almost vanished… I can’t remember the last bad day, in the before photo everyday was a bad day!

I have more energy, I feel more alive and focused than I ever have! I don’t feel anger like I used to and I have alot more clarity.

It’s not just what I eat and exercise that’s changed all this, it’s also down to the books I read, the things I watch and the people I surround myself with that have helped and still do help me to be the best me I can be!

I am an online fitness coach and can help and support you reach your health goals, you can find me on facebook or Instagram, where you will be able to follow my story daily.(they can be found on the home page at the bottom) or check out the about me page and drop me an email!




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