Autism Siblings

In this picture what you may see is just two siblings playing with each other… And that’s not unusual right? Here’s what you don’t see… When we brought our little baby girl home, her older brother was not impressed, there was no cute moments captured at the hospital of them meeting for the first time or in the days that followed, he didn’t want to be near her, he had no idea what this little baby was and why she had come home with us! He would peer over the crib first thing in the morning which became his routine. This was before we knew about autism or adhd.

Of course even though difficult at the time looking back everything makes more sence now. He just didn’t know how to act with this new little person who didn’t talk or do much at all. Both being autistic hasn’t made their interactions any easier, but slowly each have shown affection for one another in their own way, it doesn’t happen very often but I think that’s one thing that is quite the norm little miss loves her big brother and we find her watching him alot recently and little t is the best big brother, he takes care of her in his own way, he shares his snacks when they are in the car and they have been playing together more especially as they both love to jump! Seeing them jumping and laughing together just melts my heart.

It used to really hurt to think they weren’t having a typical sibling relationship, that they were missing out on all those cute moments you see, or have memories to reminse over like I do with my siblings but they have their own relationship thats being built and their own special moments and memories being made just like this one which I took the other day!

Having two kids with special needs has made me look at everything differently, especially that you can’t make comparisons! We are each unique!



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