Our Family

Over on Instagram we took part in a months Home Education challenge to show what we do, Day 2 was an introduction so here’s ours… For those of you that don’t know us, Hi I’m Marie and this is my family. My hubby Mike and I have 3 Children, 2 girls and a boy, 1 son in law and 1 granddaughter. We live in the North West of England and home educate the two youngest, both are non verbal and Autistic, Little S is 3 and also has a rare condition called Primary Lymphoedema, Little T has just turned 6 and also has adhd and epilepsy. We decided to home educate long before we knew about any conditions but we are so glad we did, initially it was because I believe children should be able to grow and learn the best way for them doing things they enjoy and playing lots too! I’m dyslexic and I learn different than I was trying to be taught at school so I didn’t do to well until I was older and had figured it out and went to uni. I’m now a lifestyle coach and I’m currently on a heath journey of my own, having suffered with PND and currently trying to slay depression & anxiety. My hubby also works from home, we both love learning, and seeing the joy in our kids faces when they have grasped something is amazing, although home ed isn’t easy it’s definitely so far been the best for our family as the kiddos get one on one time which helps them in all areas. We love days out exploring places, the kids love being outside and we have just moved house with the best garden for them.. With a veg patch!! The picture above was taken for a newspaper article that was written when our oldest and her hubby recently climbed a roller coaster to raise money and awareness for an epilepsy charity, little s wasn’t in the photo so she’s below. We all like to help spread awareness for Autism, Lymphoedema and Epilepsy in the hope that it helps people be a bit more kind and a bit more understanding.


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