The days maybe long

Before we know it they are grown up with families of their own! Thats a phrase i hear alot, we don’t know that that will ever be true for our two, we don’t know if they will be able to speak like we can or drive a car, or even write or read at this point, we have no chart that tells us what they should be doing by what age because that doesn’t apply to Autism, each one are different, they deal with all the regular stresses of life on top of their daily struggles, but they are happy! Most of the time they will find joy in just doing what they love, just like everyone else, running, jumping, climbing, watching tv, eating  we adjusted our lives so that we can help them deal with their sensory issues whether that be over or under.. Most of which they are opposite…of course!  and other struggles that they have and most of the time they do really well, the biggest worry right now is everyone else, in a world that lacks understanding.
Just like everyone else they will one day grow up and be adults and all we can hope for them is that they can be independent and live a happy life, and be accepted for who they are, so everyday we cherish the time they are small, their cuddles and kisses, playing with them, teaching them, having fun just like any other parent! whatever happens in the future we will never stop being proud of them or being there for them! 

The days and sometimes the nights can be long but it flys by way to fast!



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