Just Breathe

If you look back a few posts on my Instagram you will see that we have not long celebrated 15 months seizure free and a positive neurologist appointment, well on Sunday the 2 year clock reset because my little warrior had another seizure and was rushed to hospital, he is now back home recovering and getting back to being his cheeky self. He is also healing from falling and splitting his head open the day he came back from the hospital as he wasn’t as steady on his feet, so it was back to the hospital twice for him as they didn’t glue it properly the first time! So it was a tough 24 hours for him and for us, this is the third time he has been through this and it doesn’t get any easier, we are now just taking time to recover and trying to find hope again.

I’ll be sharing our experience once I am ready too, because spreading awareness means sharing the good and the not so good, but till then I’ll just do my best to breathe!



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