Getting Back to it!

Happy Monday!! I’m plodding on with week 7 of my workout! getting back to normality after a traumatic event is difficult and I find it difficult but I made my health a priority for me and for my family and I hate letting people down. So I get up and I push forward with all the fears, anxiety and depression tagging along, but I can’t let them win, I have to be the best for myself and my family I cannot give up!

Growing up I was never good enough, I was once told by someone I trusted at a time when I felt isolated and alone that maybe I just wasn’t going to be the type of person who had friends…. And I believed them, it’s so easy to believe the negative!

I never thought I could lift weights, let alone love it! it was something you did when you wanted massive muscles to compete in competitions.. Right?…. Wrong! After several weeks of lifting I do not feel or look like that.. Do I?  I haven’t followed the plan exactly as I should of but I feel stronger and have learnt so much from the trainer and when this is done I’ll know how to do it better… round 2 I’m coming for you!!  You never know just how strong you are until you try! You never know what your going to enjoy or love until you try! Where would I be now if I’d listened to.. I can’t do that!
Life is too short to give up, to listen to negative comments and to not try to live your best life! ❤️



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