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Hi All!!
Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my blog. We are Mike and Marie and over the past few years we as a family have been cutting out the nasty processed foods you buy at the supermarket and swapping it for fresh homemade food, it all started on a quest to loose weight without going on any silly crash diets, the more i have researched the more i have found that its not just foods we need to be switching, the bad chemicals in our hand wash, laundry detergent, cleaning products and many other things has had us cutting out more than just the processed  food.  We are not a high budget household so many of the things like laundry and cleaning products started off as money saving ideas, but it has turned into much more than that. We are in no ways perfect at this and are still in the process of changing everything .. its a long process and a lot of research.

We are also going to be home educating for the first time our 2 youngest children who are little t he is 6 and little s she is 3 years old. We made the decision when little t was born and the more research we do and experiences we have the more reasons we find that this is the right decision for our family.

Little t is Autistic/ADHD and little s has a chronic condition called Lymphoedema and is also autistic. We hope to be able to help spread awareness, so that people are more understanding and know that Lymphoedema exists and that autism just means they think and learn differently, we will be sharing the ups, downs and roundabouts of our journey. Just last year little t was also diagnosed with Epilepsy you will find our story on the home page under Epilepsy.

Marie is a Voluntary Children’s Ambassador for L-W-O Lymphwhatoedema Charity and helps runs support group on Facebook for parents and families with children who have Lymphoedema, Cystic Hygroma & Milroys disease, our journey has also led her to become a online lifestyle coach, helping other people become healthier and happier.

We also have an older daughter and son in law who have a little baby girl of their own so we are Grandparents too!

This is the place where Marie will be sharing our personal research, experiences, recipes and the things that have helped our family live a more healthy frugal life as well as our home educating journey and products we enjoy and actually use ourself. You will also find her weightloss journey recorded and what has worked best for her.  We understand that not everyone has the same opinion on healthy eating or education but here you will find just ours and what works for our family. We would be grateful for any information or comments you would like to share.

To get in contact with us our email is mikemariebarber@outlook.com


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