ASD & Us – Little t’s Story 

Our boy arrived into this world 14 days  late with a bit of persuasion, at a couple of months old he had a urine infection which was treated with antibiotics, then he had another and was referred to a consultant which takes a good couple of months. During this time he was hitting all his milestones and was a extremely happy baby always laughing and being cheeky.

When we finally got an appointment to see the consultant he was sent for an ultrasound which showed that valve on the tube that went from his kidney to bladder hadn’t developed properly and that the kidney on the same side was smaller than it should be, so he had another test using a catheter where dye was put into his bladder then xrays taken. Then they wanted to do a kidney function test which meant putting a cannula in and inject dye that way and do more xrays, long story short they tried six times to get a cannula in used no cream like they were supposed to, he was a chubby baby so really they should of known it would be difficult, he was distressed and i had to get them to stop, he was around 1 year old so had had his immunisations too, after that he hated going near hospitals, drs or anywhere like it, could no longer be weighed he withdrew into himself and stopped speaking.

So from then on for a good year or two we thought thats what it was, then when little s was born he was not impressed, he didn’t like it when we brought her home and didn’t really go near her, this was hard, especially when seeing older siblings being excited and wanting to hold and cuddle their new baby brother or sister. We tried to have him be a helper and eventually he did and now its very different, but then there were other things, he didn’t grow out of meltdowns, he didnt speak, didn’t like people or anything new, he started looking at his hands and feet making them dance (he does this when he is happy) he was in his own world, he became a nightmare at bedtimes. I kept telling myself he would grow out of it, it was just his age and that he would speak when he was ready but he didn’t.

With the help of our health visitor we did a referral to see the community paediatrician, he was 4 and could now say a couple of words. When we saw the paediatrician we were there about an hour, asked lots of questions and he was observed, she told us that she couldn’t give a diagnosis alone but that in her opinion he would get one, once he had seen the speech therapist and they had, had their meeting.

At this time we started giving him supplements and the magnetic technology, he was also referred to a speech and language therapist, I’d done some research on autism but I’ve learnt so much this year alone, it also helps talking to other parents in the same situation. Ive learnt about the sensory issues he has and I’ve also learned alot of people dont understand. The speech therapy assessment was another hour of the same sort of thing as the paediatrician. We received reports from them both it was a couple of months between and then just this year we saw them both together and he was given a formal diagnosis like expected. The speech therapist asked me how i felt about it, and i honestly felt fine,  i think after his first appointment with the paediatrician i knew and it was then that it hit home and i felt sad, depressed, angry just at the fact that he would have to struggle, worry for the future, what would he be able or not be able to do and a thousand other things rushed through my mind but at the end of it all we are prepared to do what it takes to help our boy as much as possible, we will teach him how he learns best, help him learn to cope with what he finds difficult, make sure he eats right and has the best nutrition we know and most of all love him no matter what! Being depressed, upset, angry isn’t going to change anything and its not going to help him so i put all my energy into researching and reading, learning from him, learning his way, becoming part of his world, theres nothing better than his little face lighting up when he knows we get it, when we understand what hes asking for and when hes pleased with himself for using a new word or when he recognised his name and wrote t for the first time!

I don’t think there is a cure for autism but i do think that there are ways to help, like healing the gut, helping focus and concentration with oils, supplements and magnetic therapy. Eating the right food is also very important, within the past year and few months his speech and communication is coming on really well, hes started to be more social even with his sister! They play outside together and its so lovely to see. He has more eye contact and is more interested in the world around him, we have been told that he probably has adhd too but they don’t diagnose until he is 6, we know this is probably the case but don’t really need the diagnosis, what we need to concentrate on now is him and his learning. Speech is a priority and helping him deal with sensory which i will write about another time.

Thank you for reading our story so far, we hope to be able to spread awareness for autism if you haven’t visited our awareness page please do so you will find videos i did explaining our story and some information for Autism Awareness Week 2017.