Autism & Christmas

Please take time to watch/share this especially if you know a autistic or special needs child.

You can watch the video here

Please be aware especially at Christmas that autism parents may not be able to come visit you not because they don’t want to but because its stressful and in some cases traumatic for their child/children. We don’t care for expensive gifts at any time of the year our only wish at Christmas and every minute of every day is that our children will be able to progress so that they will be able to live a good and independent life, what can you do to help? You can be there and support them, give of your time, you can show you care! BE PRESENT in their lives. You can spread awareness and help them fight because they fight for their child/children every single day. They have to fight for therapy, awareness, in schools, with family, friends, doctors, people on the street, people in the store and so much more.

We are personally blessed, we homeschool, we have speech therapy for both kids and they come to our home as thats where both our children are most comfortable, Sofias Lymphoedema nurses also come to our home for the same reason, they have so many appointments the ones that can come to the house do. We both work from home, we may not have a whole lot of people and day to day its just me and mike but we do have a few people in our life… Some people have none! We are truly grateful for these people to see our children love and be truly loved back is the most wonderful thing in the world! This year has shown us who our true family and friends are, especially when Tyler was in hospital, everyone who is too busy aka (we are just not a priority in their life) or doesn’t take the time are not family or friends, you can’t worry about them, it would take presious headspace, time and energy away from taking care of my children, they come first! I am their carer, their voice, their teacher, their therapist, as well as the regular things that come along with being a parent. To all other autism parents who struggle with family, friends, even people in the street! please know its not you or that your child is autistic/special needs.. Its them! For everyone else the best gift you can give is time!

There are so many people that struggle not just at Christmas so please take the time to learn a bit about how you can help.

๐ŸŽ„Merry Christmas