Epilepsy & Us

Today is epilepsy awareness day and I’m wearing purple for all the purple warriors out there including my own. Epilepsy affects 1 in 3 of those diagnosed with Autism. On March 22nd last year my little man was blue lighted to hospital on a code red because he had woken up during the night and … More Epilepsy & Us

Behind the smile

People don’t always show how they are feeling, we see them smiling and assume they are fine, i for one have mastered the art of hiding behind a smile, only those that really know me can tell when I’m having a bad day, you see I suffer with #anxiety and #depression, i had PND after … More Behind the smile

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! We are almost illness free!  which is why this is a bit late. 2017 saw some of the worst times of my life along with some great achievements for us all Little T turned 5 and was diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy, Autism we were expecting Epilepsy we were not, watching him … More Happy New Year

Autism & Christmas

Please take time to watch/share this especially if you know a autistic or special needs child. You can watch the video here Please be aware especially at Christmas that autism parents may not be able to come visit you not because they don’t want to but because its stressful and in some cases traumatic for … More Autism & Christmas