Essential Oils


We have been using essential oils for a couple of years now and only recently changed to using only doTERRA, why? because we did a lot of research and found that doTERRA was the only essential oil company that had third party testing, i had no idea that 100% essential oils on bottles does not necessarily mean whats in the bottle is 100% oils! we mainly used them i n the bath and in our cleaning products however now we also diffuse and use them topically on our children because we trust them and feel safe using them knowing that they are what they say they are.

We are still in the early stages of our journey with essential oils but they have blessed our life so much already, anxiety, depression, ASD, to name a few, our boy loves having them on his feet and back, the aroma in our house is calming and relaxing when we use the diffuser which is another of our boys favorite things and an important part of his bedtime routine along with his bath and massage. My absolute favorite is the multi purpose cleaner we make ourselves and use, it contains just 3 ingredients and is the best cleaner we have ever used, we love the peace of mind that we have no nasty chemicals in our home and we can help our children and ourselves live in a clean and healthy environment, doTERRA is a big part of that, look out for our stories that we will be sharing soon.

You can buy your essential oils here

Heres our favorites right now, Vetiver we diffuse during the day and have noticed a difference in little t, Lavender is diffused before bed and used in all our detox baths its helps us all relax and unwind, its also great for anxiety. Frankincense i use i drop with my usual face moisturiser daily its fantastic for skin and may other things, its known as king of the oils I’m looking forward to learning more about that one and then there is wild orange, the smell is amazing its uplifting and just one drop put on the palm of my hand then inhaled is uplifting i love it!