Life in Balance

What does a balanced life look like to you? for me it was balancing housework, making meals, playing with the kids, taking care of them and somewhere in between trying to fit in a shower, that was until i discovered Nikken and their philosophy which is based upon the five pillars of health, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Family, Healthy Society, Healthy Finances and since starting my own business each of these areas in my life have improved, and are still improving.

Nikken believe that everyone has the right to a clean and healthy environment and to be able to build a life as well as a business and that’s what we do, we do more than sell products, we use the products ourselves. Right now we are in the process of creating our own wellness home and sharing our experiences with each product with all of you and by doing this we are building a better life for our family and improving each of the five pillars in our life and creating a balanced life.

We have been on our self care journey previous to discovering Nikken and it was shocking to me each time i discovered something else i was bringing into our home that was full of chemicals. The environment is affected by pollution not only outside but inside our homes too which is shockingly much higher than outside. From cleaning products to skincare,electronics and our food, living in an environment full of chemicals and putting them on and in our body isn’t good for us, no wonder people are getting sick all the time. So whilst western medicine and the pharmaceutical companies have been studying disease, for the last 41 years Nikken has been studying your health and they have come up with a solution, The Wellness Home.

Nikken have used science to replicate nature so that our bodies can live the way nature intended us to live, taking out the bad stuff like chemicals etc and replacing it with the good things that our body needs to be healthy. Which brings us to the first pillar Healthy Body.

Imagine your home with clean fresh air, clean fresh water, natural lighting


Wholefood Nutrition 


Quality Sleep

adaptive-homeNatural and Organic Skincare


Advance Magnetic Technologies that help balance your body and relieve pain



If everyone had these in their home the world would be a much healthier place, if we all lived just as nature intended a lot of the chronic diseases wouldn’t be around anymore.

The Next Pillar.. Healthy Finances

Toxic Finances can affect your Health, your Mind, Family life and your ability to give back to society, but with Nikkens business building and compensation plan that can be taken care of and all we do is share our gift of health with others and build a team of people who do the same. We have fantastic support through weekly zoom calls and all training is free, we have learnt so much already about health and business, we are super excited to what the future holds because its looking a lot different than what it was just a few months ago, our goals have changed and the kind of life we want, we know it is possible.

What would your life look like if you didn’t have to worry about your financial security?  i know ours would be a lot less stressful and we certainly look forward to the day when its no longer a worry but for now we enjoy building our business and doing something we love, sharing and helping others.

The pathway to a balanced life looks like this.. the first and second pillars Healthy Body and Healthy Finances open the door to the other three, Healthy Mind, Healthy Family, Healthy Society which deliver the Nikken mission, Life in Balance and Humans Being More

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