Lymphoedema and Magnetic Therapy

A few months ago we decided to join a 40 year old Japanese company called Nikken you can read about that here. Back then it was just something that fit into our lifestyle that we thought we would enjoy living and sharing with others, if you take a look at our UK webpage you will see for yourself, theres some good information on there and some great products but there’s so much more to them than what you see on there. Unbeknown to us it would be more benificial to our lives including both little t and little s than we ever could imagine, and im not talking about financial.

We watched a ton of videos explaining the products and how they worked, we were drawn to the water filters first because of little s and my hubbys ezcema you can read about that here, what we didn’t understand was this advanced magnetic technology, far infared and negative ions! Also known as earth medicine. If you have heard of this before then you are off to a better start than we were, if not don’t worry I will explain.

What is Earth Medicine

The earth has a magnetic field and over the years this field has been affected by pollution etc in the air what the advance magnetic technology is, is this field unaffected. The negative ions are the same ions found near the sea and by waterfalls and in forests, the far infrared is the same as from the sun so the negative ions have a cooling effect whilst the far Infared has a warming affect. Most of the products we use contain some or all of these, with the sleep system which is what i am writing about today, consists of a mattress topper, duvet cover and pillow. Now imagine sleeping evenveloped in this wonderful natural technology. For those of you reading with Lymphoedema, if you have ever used the tape, I know some people use it for pain relief, if you can imagine how that feels if it was over your whole body! We don’t have the sleep system yet for ourselves as we felt it was important for us to get it for the little ones first, so all we personally know is what we have seen it do for them, which is enough for us to know that this works and want to share it with everyone, and hopefully help them too. We heard alot of testimonials from people using the magnetic technology and nutrition Nikken offers with conditions like MS, ADHD, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Joint problems, like back and knees, Astma, Eczema, Psoriasis the list goes on, one lady had MS and went from taking 11 tablets per day and in a wheelchair to 1 tablet and no wheelchair… amazing! Peoples lives were being changed. They were not cured but being helped to live the best life possible with the conditions they had.

earth magnetic field


Little S Story 

In this post I’m going to share with you little s story, she has a condition called Lymphoedema, you can read her story on that here, she was waking multiple times in the night crying and sometimes took a long time to settle, at first we just thought it was because thats what some babies do, she suffered with teething too, so we gave her ibrophen which seemed to help. We weren’t aware that lymphoedema could infact be painful until we read about it in the Lymphwhatoedema group, because of course little s is only 18 months old now and hasn’t been able to tell us, so we began massaging her arm when she woke which would settle her and when that wasn’t enough we gave her ibrophen, but it was getting too much, we didn’t want to be giving it her all the time, for us its something to use in emergencies like high temperature.

Knowing that alot of people had been helped with pain using the sleep system Nikken offers I decided to do some research. I searched in google for Lymphoedema and magnetic therapy the only one that i found helpful was this here if you scroll down under energy medicine you will see that a lady said she used an earthing sheet to sleep on and said that “the pain is much diminished and the swelling goes down” that’s all we needed, what we were most worried about at this point was the pain it may be causing little s. The next problem was that she is still in her cot and the smallest kenkopad was a single size and of course too big, I’d heard or read somewhere that some people had used the pet pad for little ones as it was the perfect size for their cribs, and so another google search for Nikkens pet pad and kids, we found this site here and the lady explains how she used it for her baby and it helped with teething pain.

We bought a pet pad for both little s and little t who also has the pillow and duvet (his story is separate) this is how it looks in her cot bed (above), just big enough for her to lie on, of course once she gets older we will change it to the single size kenkopad, but the next item for her will be the pillow as she is now old enough and likes to have something to put her head on, which is usually me! We also purchased the PiMag water filter as getting enough water is important for everyone but we wanted the best drinking water, little s drinks a lot of it and as this is alkaline too with added minerals its been perfect for both our kids, you can find more information on that here. We have had them for about a month and a half, since that very night little s has no longer woke up crying in any pain, she has even cut 2 teeth since and we didn’t even notice, her cot is next to our bed so she will often come over and sleep with us but a lot of the time now will roll back on to her pad or keep half her body on there. We decided try out and use our Magduo on her arm to help massage it every morning and evening or when we see her pulling on it durning the day, this contains Dynaflux magnetic Technology, and TriPhase technology which is the Far inferred and Negative ions together, I myself have used it on my bad shoulder and after a few minutes it feels relaxed and loose, the pain is also not as painful, i can feel the cooling and the heat at the same time. We have noticed her arm and hand never gets tight anymore, she does also wear a compression glove up to her elbow, during the day which also helps her, all we know for sure is that she isn’t waking in pain at night anymore and these advanced technologies have helped and with Lymphoedema every little helps.


Little s has also had alot of trapped wind that was uncomfortable for her, we thought it could be to do with food allergies but it wasn’t consistent with any one thing, it was just everyday. i did read somewhere that a lady had problems with her intestines due to her Lymphoedema, so there maybe a possibility it’s linked but we made up some coconut water keifer which helped her but now we just give her a natural supplement called Lactoferrin that helps her just the same and she no longer has any tummy trouble, it also has many other benifits too and instead of me trying to explain about that, ill let the professionals, take a look at this video.

We have been amazed at these products, we didn’t want to share until we had experienced it for ourselves but now we have we want to share it with everyone and help as many people as possible, so if you know someone that would benefit from these amazing natural technologies whether it be Lymphedema or other condition or just want to live a healthier more balanced lifestyle please contact us, we are more than happy to speak with you and also can put you in touch with experts who know a lot more about this technology. Our email is our contact details can also be found on our webpage here or if you are in the USA or Canada here