Yorkshire Pudding

Happy Sunday!! We haven’t had a roast dinner in way too long and last week I saw a friend of mines photo of her roast beef dinner, it looked so good that I just had to put in a roast on our meal plan. We got our beef from our local farm shop and used … More Yorkshire Pudding


Original post 2015 Update below I love oats, oatmeal, granola, flapjacks you name it i just love them. These are the only way i get my fussy 2 year old eater to eat oats anymore, he has recently stopped eating his oatmeal in the morning, the only thing he will eat loads of is toast! … More Flapjacks

Gluten Free Pancakes

We have been experimenting with gluten free recently just so we can reduce our gluten intake,  when we looked at are diet and the things we were eating it seemed we were eating way to much gluten and so the experiments began.   I tried coconut flour pancakes first but they were a flop, they … More Gluten Free Pancakes

Parmesan Chicken

These were great for freezing individually and reheating for a quick meal in the evenings when we had forgot to get out some meat or a crockpot meal. We made a few batches coming to the end of my pregnancy and once baby was born, they were lifesavers! I love how moist the chicken is, … More Parmesan Chicken

Soap Nuts Journey

Let me first tell you how I came to use soap nuts, after starting to pay attention to the ingredients labels on the food we were eating and gradually cutting most of it out, I came across articles and blogs on products like hand wash and household cleaners and the nasty chemicals they contain plus … More Soap Nuts Journey