Behind the smile

People don’t always show how they are feeling, we see them smiling and assume they are fine, i for one have mastered the art of hiding behind a smile, only those that really know me can tell when I’m having a bad day, you see I suffer with #anxiety and #depression, i had PND after … More Behind the smile

Amongst the Mayhem

Yes i did my workout! Amongst the mayhem and the stress. Maybe you are wondering why the heck i would still do it during a time like this!! 25 minutes isn’t that long to squeeze in to any manic day! This is why i love this particular program! And that there is a choice depending … More Amongst the Mayhem

I Nailed it!

Week 5 Day 3 done! And it felt sooo good! Today is a good day! I felt strong like i could take on the world! I nailed my workout and that felt awesome! Not only is my body changing and getting stronger but my mind is also, this journey that i am on affects every part … More I Nailed it!

Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers have become one of my favorite meals ever! These are so full of flavour i just love them. I buy around 8oz turkey mince, the one with the least fat as possible, organic free range is preferable if you have somewhere that does it, we are still looking in our area, we can … More Turkey Burgers