Yorkshire Pudding

Happy Sunday!! We haven’t had a roast dinner in way too long and last week I saw a friend of mines photo of her roast beef dinner, it looked so good that I just had to put in a roast on our meal plan. We got our beef from our local farm shop and used … More Yorkshire Pudding

Epilepsy & Us

Today is epilepsy awareness day and I’m wearing purple for all the purple warriors out there including my own. Epilepsy affects 1 in 3 of those diagnosed with Autism. On March 22nd last year my little man was blue lighted to hospital on a code red because he had woken up during the night and … More Epilepsy & Us

Am I Insane!!

My goal for this year was to loose another 4 stone in total so i could concentrate the rest of my life in just staying healthy, if you look back over my blog posts you can see the things I’ve tried and that I’ve been successful at loosing 3 stone last year, this year however … More Am I Insane!!