Love Yourself

One thing I have struggled to learn and am still learning along my journey is to love myself! But what I do believe now 100% is that self love is so important. I am learning to not care so much about what other people say… and about their judgements… Its a hard one but thinking … More Love Yourself

Then & Now

On the left! Around 18st (252lbs), size 22, suffering from post natal depression and anxiety, no self love, no confidence, high cholesterol, obese. On the right! 11.10st (164lb)… 88lbs loss… a weight I haven’t been since I was a teenager…. I’m almost 40!!, size 10-14, heck of a lot more good days than bad with … More Then & Now

A Big Gain!

Happy Monday! We still have no WiFi! So it looks like I will be starting my workout program off from the beginning again as it’s been 2 weeks but it’s OK because life happens. It’s been great for the kids though especially little miss as she has her ipad as a comfort and has been … More A Big Gain!

Epilepsy & Us

Today is epilepsy awareness day and I’m wearing purple for all the purple warriors out there including my own. Epilepsy affects 1 in 3 of those diagnosed with Autism. On March 22nd last year my little man was blue lighted to hospital on a code red because he had woken up during the night and … More Epilepsy & Us

Keep Going!

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, the important part is you keep going! I’ve felt like i have failed a lot during my journey, at times i have felt like giving up, but keeping going has brought me to where i am now and i still fail sometimes, only now i see it … More Keep Going!

Amongst the Mayhem

Yes i did my workout! Amongst the mayhem and the stress. Maybe you are wondering why the heck i would still do it during a time like this!! 25 minutes isn’t that long to squeeze in to any manic day! This is why i love this particular program! And that there is a choice depending … More Amongst the Mayhem

Have the Courage

Have the courage! Have you ever felt judged, alone and not included? Thats how it is for kids/adults with additional needs most of the time. Not just them though, i think most of us have felt this at one point in our lives, i have a lot! Both as a child and an adult, I’ve … More Have the Courage

Tough Times

I don’t always wake up full of motivation, especially as the week goes on, being up late and up with the little ones wears me down sometimes as well as all the other responsibilities that comes with being an adult and a parent, then load on that anxiety and depression! Yes sometimes its tough! But … More Tough Times